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    Video caption: 'We will rebuild the way people of Maui want to'

    US President Joe Biden visits Lahaina nearly two weeks after the Hawaiian town was ravaged by fire

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    Video caption: This baby giraffe born with no spots is incredibly rare

    The spotless giraffe was born at a zoo in Tennessee and could be the only one of her kind on Earth.

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    Video caption: Justin Trudeau criticises Facebook blocking news during wildfire emergency

    The Canadian PM said that the company 'is choosing corporate profits' in times of emergency.

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    Video caption: The moment an earthquake hits during storm Hilary

    Southern California was already dealing with storm Hilary when a 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck

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    Video caption: Storm Hilary...the past 48 hours in 100 seconds

    Downgraded from a hurricane, Hilary brought flash floods and high winds throughout the south-west US

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    Video caption: Tim Laporte searches for his father missing in Maui

    Tim Laporte hasn't heard from his father since wildfires devastated the town of Lahaina, Maui.